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    On behalf of ARTOOS|HAYEZ and Duval Union Academy, thank you for coming to our Breakfast Sessions. We'll be back in 2017!

  • The sessions

    Get your daily dose of inspiration with the Breakfast Sessions by DUVAL Union Academy and ARTOOS|HAYEZ.
    This is your breakfast menu:

    Data & personalisation

    June 9th

    What are the rules of the game and how can you use data in your campaigns. On top, get inspired with some neuro-marketing cases.


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    Power of paper

    September 8th

    Get inspired by Facebook, ATAG, Zerocopy etc

    and discover why a Zalando is also using print.


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    Digital disruption & transformation

    September 22nd

    Speakers: Olivier van Duüren, Chris Van der Auwera & Tim De Witte
    Prepare your organisation for the next steps.


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